Miles to go…. Mr. Virendra Nath Kashyap

I am a refugee! No, I WAS a refugee, not anymore. VK conducting soft skill training sessions Mr. Kashyap (known as VK amongst his family and friends) says, “I was born on April 5, 1941, in Lahore, now in Pakistan into a well-to-do family. However, because of the political upheaval and like millions of others, we had to move to India, leaving everything behind, nothing with us, bar the clothes on our persons and maybe a few more”. He spent later years of his childhood in Delhi completed his education, got married, had a wonderful work-life, and is now enjoying his active post-retirement years. Despite his health challenges, VK has always stayed positive. He recalls, “In 1987, I suffered from a massive duodenal ulcer bleed but was back to work in ten days. I am a cardiac patient and have three stents implanted in my heart. A few years back, I also got operated for vocal cord cancer and underwent radiotherapy for seven weeks. However, I have always rebounded back to my normal working very quickly. Today, despite various restrictions, I lead a healthy and happy life.” VK’s special pasta Throughout his life, VK kept his learning curve improved. He learned computer skills at the age of 55, enrolled himself for a course in Medical transcription at 65, and another ten years down the lane, he became a certified Soft Skill trainer and since then, conducts his classes. Now, at the age of 78, he is still open to learning new things. Currently, he also volunteers with Magic Bus, an NGO, where he trains underprivileged students in soft skills to help them find suitable jobs. Besides this, he is an avid writer and is also passionate about cooking different cuisines. AllForSRS asked our beloved senior to share his thoughts on ageing. His beautiful expression…. WHY WORRY! Why Worry?- VK If you have crossed sixty – five, Come to second phase of your life, Why worry! You are more experienced today, Than yesterday, Why worry! If to an interesting place you haven’t been, There was an interesting event, you haven’t seen, Why worry! If, because of your busy schedule, You could not enjoy an interlude, Why worry! Now, you will get all the time, To catch that missing chime, On your life clock, Just decide, you are going to rock! Since you have the time, You will go for that climb, Holding hands with your partner, which you had not done, because of the grind! This is the time to see that sunrise, You to feel the warmth, the glow, to your surprise, Enjoy that experience sublime! Relax and indulge in your hobby, you always wanted to do, Write or paint or play the flute, Catch up and indulge in all that’s waiting to be done in you! You have lived for others, now live for yourself, God has given you a wonderful life, why leave it on the shelf, Time for you to find yourself and let your self-esteem swell, I can go on with so many reasons for you to feel happy, on the past do not dwell! You have lived a wonderful life and lived it to the brim, Don’t think of the negatives and make it grim, Time to make gravy for the curry, (for your life) For you to enjoy it in a lingering way, not in a hurry, So – Why worry! -By Virendra Nath Kashyap