Faith exists so that we can welcome smilingly and without regrets, an old age like a breathtaking sunset whose dazzling rays colour heaven and earth in majestic hues.
-Daisaku Ikeda

I was fortunate to get the love and support of my elders throughout my life. As a child, I saw them busy at work or with household chores, alongside, they also took care of us, the youngsters. The elders here include my parents, relatives, teachers, the next-door uncle, and aunty. Once I got married, new elders came to my life, my in-laws, their relatives, new neighbors as the uncle, and aunty. Each elder played a distinct role in my life, and with time I saw them age. Few continued to remain happy, while some took a back-seat. I always had the desire to make their journey more blissful.

My thoughts for AllForSRS began a few years back when I saw my mother give way to the agony of having to stay alone, away from her daughters. A 67-years old woman, she was full of life, passionate about cooking, yoga, stitching, and singing, but was slowly retreating into a shell. Growing up in a society nurturing myths about old age or any elderly support services, it took me some time to reach out for help. It was slightly late for me. My mother decided to say goodbye and continued her journey to the other beautiful world.

AllForSRS is born. The focus here will be on all matters related to sliver years and how beautifully our society is finding the solutions. The conversations will vary from and not limited to senior engagement activities to in-house elderly support services, from finding references for elderly support accessories to finalizing a health insurance scheme for elders. We will learn and grow together.


I am a scientist and hold a doctorate in Biotechnology from a top-ranked Indian university. I have done research in the field of Cancer, have publications in international journals, and have worked for more than a decade with a leading Pharma company in India. I love to read, and to pen down my thoughts. Today, I enjoy my role as a daughter, a wife, a mother, a sister, and a friend.

Dr. Paromita Sengupta