Life beyond a homemaker… Mrs. Ratna Das

70-year-old Ratna Das is a trained homeopathy practitioner and a sign language interpreter-

I have always been a happy homemaker, but I felt there was still so much more to do! I always wanted to do something beyond managing the house. I feel proud of my life-partner, Dr. Subrata Das, for his immense support in encouraging me to tread in areas, I did not think of, and helping me to fulfill my dreams.

Mrs. Ratna Das and her life partner (her best friend)

Fourth, of the twelve siblings, Ratna grew up in a big family, and at an early age, took charge of the household chores. Despite her responsibilities, she enjoyed her school and college days in Patna, especially the sports class. She explains, “I was a sportsperson, and liked to play games like Shotput, Throw ball, and Kabaddi. I also participated in all the athletic events”.

After marriage, she gradually settled down in the busy life of the capital city, Delhi. She soon became the mother of two loving daughters and, had her hands full with household chores, taking care of their studies, and various other activities.

Ratna says, “I was well- settled, but always yearned to explore something more!” Her husband and father-in-law, both established Homeopath practitioners, encouraged her to join their clinic. She learned to interact with patients, check blood pressure, give injections, and to prepare homeopathy medicines. In parallel, she did her certificate course in Homeopathy medicine and started handling independent cases. Until a few years back, she actively supported her husband in his clinic, and for a period of three years (2010-2012), when her husband fell ill, she single-handedly took care of all the patients.

Mrs. Ratna Das with her loving grandkids

In 1975, Ratna started volunteering as an interpreter for Deaf and dumb association in Delhi and stayed involved for over 30 years. She mentions, “After my marriage, I learned the sign language so that I could interact with my sister-in-law and her husband, both of them, being deaf and dumb. I could not only connect with them but also found the way to reach out and bond with several others, who could not hear and speak”. As an interpreter, Ratna attended various conferences and meetings, and traveled to many places, including, Mumbai, Goa, Kashmir, Vaishno Devi, and Nepal.

Ratna is also one of the founder members of the Arambagh Puja Committee in Delhi, which celebrated its silver jubilee in 2013. During the first few years, she was the only woman member of the committee and played a very active role in organizing the Durga Puja celebrations each year. Ratna clarifies, “Despite relocating to another locality, my heart still lies in Arambagh. I am the eldest member of their organization, and I ensure to go back to my old place each year for the celebrations”.

Her family was supportive of her work, especially her husband, who, to date, encourages her to make new friends and enjoy her own space.

Ratna was always sensitive to a girl’s financial independence. She feels that more than the marital status of a girl, it’s economic freedom, which is very important. On her part, she ensured that her daughters studied well and chose their careers wisely. Today, they are professionally established, happily married, and settled in their own lives. She is herself a proud grandma of two lovely teenagers, and, also bonds happily with her son-in-law(s), whom she fondly refers to as her buddies.

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    • AllForSRS

      Thank you Dr.Das for sharing such a lovely comment for your life partner. Both, her eagerness to explore more, and your support for her quest, are equally commendable.

  • Nabanita Datta Gupta

    Amazing Aunty! (Mrs. Ratna Das) your life is an example of learning and doing something in life is beyond ages. To interact with your sister in law, you learnt sign language that’s such a beautiful connection to create relationship, which is missing in today’s world. Thanks for sharing your story which is an inspiration for us.

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