18 Till I Die- Mr. Shibaji Datta Gupta

Meet our energetic, ever-smiling, always positive, young at heart senior Mr. Shibaji Datta Gupta, who stays in Kolkata with his family. He leads a happy and active post-retirement life. He shared his joyous moments with AllForSRS.

In his own words…..

I tell everyone that age is just a number. Life is full of challenges, which we must face boldly and accept the outcome, without any fear.  We should always be happy and strong and fight all obstacles with an open mind. I am 66-years old and after my retirement, continue to work part-time as a consultant with a SriLanka based company. Music has always been a solace to my heart and mind. I have been a versatile bassist, and in the 70s, I was part of the famous rock band HELLFIRE, from Kolkata. Today, I am fortunate to be able to follow my passion. I am a part of a contemporary Tribute Rock Band from Kolkata, called underCover. We meet twice/thrice a month to have our practice sessions and perform in many public and private events in and around Kolkata.

My family is my pillar of love and support. I devote a lot of time to my grandson, Riaan, who is 3- years old, and in the prime time of his growing up years. I play with him, feed him, and tell him stories. I become a child when I am with him, and those are our special grandpa and grandson moments, with lots of wonderful memories. My wife Chandrima, 62-years old, recently retired as a school teacher. She is an active social worker in an NGO, which works for underprivileged children from slum areas. She teaches these children. They also do a lot of stitching and embroidery work on sarees, tablecloths, bed covers, etc. Twice a year, we organize exhibitions to showcase the work done by these children. The profits from these exhibitions are used to support the NGO.

Both me and Chandrima, try and lead a healthy and active life. We laugh a lot, make friends with people of all age groups, invite our friends and families home, and enjoy each moment of our journey of life.

Too Old to Rock ‘n’ Roll…Too Young to Die

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