Meet Our Seniors

Our seniors are very special, each, having their unique tale to share with us. In the ‘Meet Our Seniors’ section, AllForSRS welcomes our seniors to share their stories and life experiences. Seniors can send their photograph and a few lines of introduction including their name, gender, age, hobbies and share a joyful moment of their silver inning. The photo can be of the elder alone or them as a part of a group and clicked after the elder turned 65 years. AllForSRS will post and share the photo on this platform. Here, ‘SENIOR’ can be anyone who is above 65 years of age, stays at home or still goes for work, or pursues their hobby or passion, or who enjoys to cook, knit, read, shop or to catch up with people, someone who is happy in their journey of life. It is up to our elders to decide what they call their joyous moment. Not all our elders are tech-savvy, but most of them appreciate today’s social media and hence, can also request their family members or friends to share the photograph on their behalf. Share your story and experience with AllForSRS at

Life across two countries and nine cities… Mr. Dipak Sengupta

Growing up in different cities taught me several things. I learned to interact with new people and make new acquaintances. I learned to cherish relationships and stay connected to relatives and old friends. I learned to be flexible and adapt quickly to a new lifestyle. Our beloved senior, Mr. Dipak Sengupta, was born in Chit...


Life beyond a homemaker… Mrs. Ratna Das

70-year-old Ratna Das is a trained homeopathy practitioner and a sign language interpreter- I have always been a happy homemaker, but I felt there was still so much more to do! I always wanted to do something beyond managing the house. I feel proud of my life-partner, Dr. Subrata Das, for his immense support in encouraging me...


Golden Period of my life

Golden Period of my life.... Mrs. Shalini Gupta

I am a firm believer in destiny. Whatever is destined to happen will happen. We should not worry. Life is a celebration Meet our always positive, ever-smiling, and active senior, 69-year-old Mrs. Shalini Gupta, happily settled in Mumbai with her family. She grew up in Mumbai, amongst her siblings and cherishes her childh...


Miles to go…. Mr. Virendra Nath Kashyap

I am a refugee! No, I WAS a refugee, not anymore. VK conducting soft skill training sessions Mr. Kashyap (known as VK amongst his family and friends) says, "I was born on April 5, 1941, in Lahore, now in Pakistan into a well-to-do family. However, because of the political upheaval and like millions of others, we had to m...


18 Till I Die- Mr. Shibaji Datta Gupta

Meet our energetic, ever-smiling, always positive, young at heart senior Mr. Shibaji Datta Gupta, who stays in Kolkata with his family. He leads a happy and active post-retirement life. He shared his joyous moments with AllForSRS. In his own words….. I tell everyone that age is just a number. Life is full of challeng...


Meet Mrs. Meenu Dasgupta

Meet our beloved senior Mrs. Meenu Dasgupta, who turns 92 on 21st October 2019. To celebrate this wonderful occasion, her daughter Sanghamitra shares few lines with us. The word ‘mother’ itself evokes a special feeling in everyone which is beyond explanation. I am no exception. On the 21st of this month, my mother, Mrs. M...


Meet Mrs. Sanghamitra Dasgupta

Meet our beloved senior Mrs. Sanghamitra Dasgupta. Retired as a high school English teacher, she is an avid reader and loves to explore new things. She is a strong pillar for her family, always positive and vibrant, and leads by example. Having been settled in India throughout her life, she recently moved to Sydney with her fami...


Meet Mrs. Ratna Banerjee

Meet our beloved senior Mrs. Ratna Banerjee, 81-years old. She lives in Kolkata with her 86-year old husband, Mr. Alak Banerjee. AllForSRS asked her to share her life journey. In her own words…….Life is a journey from birth to death. All along this journey we want to be happy and live in peace. But happiness is not a...