Golden Period of my life

Golden Period of my life…. Mrs. Shalini Gupta

I am a firm believer in destiny. Whatever is destined to happen will happen. We should not worry.

Life is a celebration

Meet our always positive, ever-smiling, and active senior, 69-year-old Mrs. Shalini Gupta, happily settled in Mumbai with her family. She grew up in Mumbai, amongst her siblings and cherishes her childhood memories. After marriage, she got busy with her household chores, and in taking care of her husband, children, and other family members. “I have always been fond of cooking, and whenever feasible, I used to attend cookery classes. I learned to make ice-creams and sweets, and would always try out new dishes at home,” recalls Mrs. Shalini. During that period her husband used to travel a lot due to work, including overseas travels. But, Mrs. Shalini, who was fond of traveling, could not join him in any of the trips as her children were small and could not be left alone.

Fun ride with family

In 2006, Mrs. Shalini and a few of her friends did their first all lady’s trip. They traveled to many places in India, including Banaras, Gaya, Mathura, Lucknow, and Allahabad. “It was my first-time travel without any family members, but we had a lot of fun. We planned the itinerary, and made our own arrangements. We enjoyed our road travels, visited temples, chitchatted, played games and bonded well with each other,” says Mrs. Shalini. She soon joined a social community in Mumbai and became a member of their travel group. She visited many overseas places with them. She also got involved in their cultural activities and started to participate in their celebrations. Her family has always been very supportive and has always encouraged her to travel with the group. She fondly remembers her US visit in 2014, which had its initial challenges at the planning stage. But in the end, things went off well. Her memorable moments of the trip were the amusement parks, where she enthusiastically waited in the long queues to experience the exciting rides. Mrs. Shalini feels that traveling without her family took her out of her comfort zone. It made her more independent, confident and responsible.

She also looks forward to family trips, and occasional visits to her daughter’s place in Singapore, where she spends a memorable time with her friends and family. For her, family vacations are equally important. It provides the opportunity to relax, connect, and build good memories.

Mrs. Shalini is a happy wife, content mother, and a proud grandmother of four wonderful grandkids. She says, “I am thankful to almighty for giving me such a wonderful life. Both my son and daughter are well-settled, and happy in their own lives. My grandchildren are doing well in their studies, and they share a beautiful bond with their grandfather and me. I proudly call this the Golden Period of my life.”

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  • Virendra N Kashyap

    What a spirit! That’s the way to go. Mrs. Shalini Gupta has rightly said that you can’t enjoy till you come out of your comfort zone. Many of us can take the cue
    and start enjoying the life. All the best 👌

  • Ranjan Dattagupta

    Always good to read such life stories…. life full of meaningful anecdotes and experiences… all is well when you experience your life’s “golden days” , as did Mrs Gupta.

  • Nabanita

    Wow Aunty! I also believe in the same philosophy of life … what will happen will happen so we should enjoy the present and not worry… reminds me of the Hindi film song- Kal kya hoga kisko pata…abhi zindagi ka Lelo maza..
    Aunty enjoy your life like this and always keep smiling 🙂

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