Meet Mrs. Ratna Banerjee

Meet our beloved senior Mrs. Ratna Banerjee, 81-years old. She lives in Kolkata with her 86-year old husband, Mr. Alak Banerjee. AllForSRS asked her to share her life journey.

In her own words…….

Life is a journey from birth to death. All along this journey we want to be happy and live in peace. But happiness is not an external object which anyone can give us. It is an internal matter which depends on our attitude and nature. My in-laws are no more and our daughters are happily married and living with their husbands and children. We are both now enjoying our silver innings.

With age, our physical appearance and strength has automatically changed, but we remain young at heart. I love music, so I switch on my small music system in the morning, listening to my old favorite songs while preparing breakfast. These songs take me back to my golden College days and their sweet memories. My daughters and grandchildren are far away from us and we do miss them, but once I open my WhatsApp and see the sweet videos of our grandchildren, the distance vanishes. We feel we are with them enjoying those moments.

With age, we have learnt two things. One is Perseverance and the other is Hope. Hope gives us the assurance that with time the situation will change and we will reach our goal.

And finally, for me personally Prayer is the greatest source of strength. I have a strong conviction that some great power is constantly watching me and if I am always on the right path, no harm can come to me. This thought always gives me protection in dire situations.

My earnest wish is to reach my destination of this life journey satisfied and in peace.

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  • Sreeparna Mukherjee

    Ratna Banerjee is my mother. I admire her mental strength in the face of every challenge that comes her her way including looking after my aging father who suffers from certain psychological problems presently .Inspite of all these challenges including her own physical ailments she enjoys her daily chores , and does them with accuracy and has set an example for us.

  • Sreeparna Mukherjee

    Ratna Banerjee is my mother. Her perseverance and never give up spirit in the face of every challenge that comes her way is a source of inspiration for me.

  • Sanghamitra Dasgupta

    I would first like to congratulate everyone associated with the idea of launching this website AllForSRS, which gives us a chance to get acquainted with people whose courage, will power and mental strength win over the ‘old age’ stigma and help them to emerge triumphant in the journey of life.
    I am immensely impressed by the ways Mrs. Ratna Banerjee fought the battle of hardship in her life and with her moral and physical support gave a new life to her husband, when she herself needed immediate medical attention.
    She is a source of motivation to every person who hesitates to take the first step towards life’s difficult challenges.
    My best wishes for her and her family in their future endeavors.

    • admin

      Thank you Mrs. Sanghamitra Dasgupta for your kind and encouraging words. We look forward to your active participation and support for the AllForSRS community grow. Yes, indeed Mrs. Ratna Banerjee’s leads by example, and her experience has inspired many of us.

  • Sharmila Ray

    Allforsrs is a truly amazing platform and my heartfelt congratulations to the organisers. I am sure people will be inspired and uplifted by the insights , life experiences, courage and thoughts shared by the seniors as I felt inspired by the stories of Mrs. dasgupta and Mrs Banerjee.

    • AllForSRS

      Thank you Mrs.Sharmila Ray for your lovely words. Indeed the story of our seniors are very inspiring. We look forward to your support for the platform.

  • Mallar Mukherjee

    Ratna Banerjee is my sister-in-law. She got married to my cousin Alak Banerjee when I was a little boy many many years ago…
    Now, whenever I come to India, I make it a point to visit her and each time I meet her, I get truly inspired by her self-confidence, fighting spirit, optimism and positive attitude towards life in face of all adversity.

  • Ranjan Banerji

    Mrs Ratna Banerji is my aunt. Her husband Mr Alak Banerji and my late mother were siblings. I spent part of my school days in their house which used to be a centre of learning and culture. Today my aunt and uncle live alone. We sometimes go down to give them company and cheer. But it is a hard life at their age. I have seen from close my aunt’s determination. Her ability to emerge unscathed in the middle of adversities is admirable.

  • Monju Shome

    Mrs Ratna Banerjee is my Wonderful Didi. She has been an inspiration to all her siblings, cousins and others who comes in touch with her. She always gave the courage and right advise to all who needed help and stood next to them like a strong pillar. Her life, her dedication to help anyone who comes to her and her belief in the Higher Power keeps her moving forward in spite of all adversities is so inspiring for all of us in the family. We love you Didi for who you are.

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