Meet Mrs. Meenu Dasgupta

Meet our beloved senior Mrs. Meenu Dasgupta, who turns 92 on 21st October 2019. To celebrate this wonderful occasion, her daughter Sanghamitra shares few lines with us.

The word ‘mother’ itself evokes a special feeling in everyone which is beyond explanation. I am no exception. On the 21st of this month, my mother, Mrs. Meenu Dasgupta, is going to celebrate her 92nd birthday. I became a bit emotional and reminiscent thinking how years pass by leaving little time to look back. She is in her 90’s, a nonagenarian like many seniors are, but with a little difference. Probably that is because of her sudden inclination towards digital media/world, which is uncanny for a person born in the 1920s. Her love for knowing the unknown and using this as a tool to scare away loneliness is something unique at her age. I respect her fierce hunger for gobbling up knowledge, be it poetry, art, music, literature, and whatnot.
All through my life, I always found her to be a person who led a normal life of a house-wife catering to our needs and demands but had an untold aura which made her different from her counterparts. She has been a vociferous reader, has an elephantine memory and could recite Rabindranath Tagore and other poets’ songs and poems without a pause, which she still can, even at 92, making us ashamed of our shortcomings. My brother and I, always attributed all our passions and interest to explore the unknown, completely to her. Age has robbed her of her physical strength but instead has strengthened her mental power to fight against all odds. We are mesmerized and over-whelmed when we see her fingers, though not very stable, with full confidence handling a smartphone, searching for Bangla serials of her choice and her two eyes glued to the screen of her phone with aesthetic pleasure. Seeing my mother use YouTube and TV channels, I feel age is not a hindrance to keep yourself busy in lonely times. What all matters is, a little urge to identify your need and find out a way to solve it.

Wish her a very happy birthday.

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  • Megha

    I will cal her super duper great grand ma. Even at 92 she still learned technology and cal everyone and stay connected with her family or keep herself busy and happy. Surely she teaches us age is just a number. I learned from her that I need to be more technology savvy learn new things to keep moving forward in my life.

    • AllForSRS

      Thank you Megha for sharing your thoughts. Yes indeed for Mrs Meenu Dasgupta-Age is just a number, and she is an inspiration for all

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