Meet Mrs. Sanghamitra Dasgupta

Meet our beloved senior Mrs. Sanghamitra Dasgupta. Retired as a high school English teacher, she is an avid reader and loves to explore new things. She is a strong pillar for her family, always positive and vibrant, and leads by example. Having been settled in India throughout her life, she recently moved to Sydney with her family. She now looks forward to her life in the new place and to create good memories.

In her own words…..

I am Sanghamitra Dasgupta, 67 years old, enjoying the second innings of my life with my loved ones in a foreign land, far away from where I was born. I believe during the sojourn of life a person crosses many stations. Some are bustling with people and some are quiet. I have crossed those stations which were buoyant with vibrancy, admired that time spent with friends, music, playing pranks and all that went with that age. Now I have reached those stations which are quiet. Age has made me physically slow and quieter, but, couldn’t affect me mentally. I am still young at heart with a positive attitude towards life. Though I have my physical limitations due to dreaded cancer, detected four and half years ago, that still couldn’t rob me of my dream to lead a normal life as against being imprisoned in the mental state of constant agony and fear. My strong faith in the Almighty and the love of my family members, probably makes me go on.

At this age, being termed either as an elderly member or a senior citizen, I take that in a positive stride and appreciate my grey hair, a few wrinkles here and there on my face without any regret but with full respect to nature’s diktat. But one should always be young at heart and that is the mantra that keeps me going through all odds.

With every sunrise, there is a sunset too. Life is just like that, so I feel, appreciating the good things that we get is far better and beneficial than lamenting over what we couldn’t get. I am basking in the warmth of ‘granny hood’ at present and want it to continue forever with the benevolent lord’s blessing.

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  • Ranjan Dattagupta

    May the Almighty continue to give Mrs Dasgupta the strength and wisdom in abundance for her continue her crusade; needless to say, she is an inspiration and the light that will guide many of us who constantly look for emotional solitude in times of emotional stress. Very well presented. Thanks for sharing.

    • admin

      Thank you Mr. Ranjan Dattagupta for sharing your comments. Mrs. Sanghamitra’s thoughts are very inspiring and keeps all of us motivated.

  • Rajni

    I know you since 2007 .You taught me how to face difficult times with patience and a smile on your face.You are the strength of your family.keep inspiring n guiding everyone.stay happy stay blessed!

  • Nabanita

    Mrs Sanghamitra Dasgupta is my mother in law, she is the pillar of our family. She is an example for all of us as how to enjoy each moment of life. My kids are lucky to have a grandma who plays different roles in their life – a teacher, a friend…. a partner in crime.
    Also, Congratulations! to AllForSRS to have thought of building such a beautiful platform for people to connect.

    • admin

      Thank you Nabanita for your warm and lovely wishes. It is inspiring to hear about Mrs. Sanghamitra and the way she leads each moment of her life. Best wishes to you and your family

  • Sonia

    I have known Mrs.Dasgupta for over 35 years. Her positivity,her gentle manner,her fierce independent spirit is wonderful to observe. Her will power exemplifies ” mind over matter”.🙌👌There is much to learn from her. I wish her happiness in this latest adventure.

  • Santosh

    Mrs. DasGupta is a relative of mine. I have seen her in life’s ups and downs but she is always very strong and positive about everything in her life. She is a wonderful human being.
    Lots of good luck for now and future. 🙏

  • Ratna Banerjee

    It was a great pleasure going through Mrs. Sanghamitra Dasgupta’s life journey. Ispite of facing a great health challenge of Cancer, her positive attitude and strong conviction and faith in the Almighty has enabled her to overcome the fear and apprehension for the unknown. She is a pride of womanhood and a great inspiration for all. May she always remain happy, cheerful and blessed.

  • Sapna

    Mrs Dasgupta, the positivity with which you are leading your life is truly an inspiration for all of us. Your family is blessed to have you in their life. Wishing you good health and a joyous life ahead.

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