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One of the major differentiators of an Indian (or Asian) household from the western counterpart has been the concept of a joint family. It is the sons and daughters or the extended family who take care of the senior member. With globalization and better opportunities for higher education and jobs abroad, Indians today have begun to adopt the social rules of the western world.

Until a few decades, we never thought of elderly support as a subject of discussion.  Our parents have looked after our grandparents, who in turn, were a pillar of knowledge, wisdom, security, companionship, and love for the family. The need was always mutual. Today’s fast-track life has drifted us away from this symbiotic bond. For many of us, the monetary flow might not be a struggle, yet, we are unable to give the time and support required by our elders.

Many elders find themselves alone post-retirement. Some live alone, or even if they stay with the family, they are lonely and yearn for companionship.

The requirement of an elder can vary. Many of them manage themselves independently, handle their doctor appointments, and travel alone to the bank or for any social visits. These elders may need occasional support for peripheral matters, like advice on a good and reliable wellness program or a tour package for leisure travel. The journey is blissful for them if they continue to stay healthy and mobile. Many a times, health becomes a concern, and elders require constant help.  The situation gets worse if the immediate family is unavailable. Then, the elder must go for assisted living. Sometimes, despite staying under the same roof, elders feel lonely due to lack of company.

Concerns are many and society is eager to solve them.

We have tried to adapt to the senior age lifestyle of the western world and customize it as per our need. Assisted living has become acceptable.  People have invested in world-class senior homes in the country, to provide a comfortable life for the elders. The concept of senior resident societies has become popular. These residences are built to cater to the needs of ageing people and have all the essential facilities. Many youngsters have started to invest in these projects for their future.

Apart from housing, other elderly support service companies have also entered the senior market. Many a times, the founders of these companies are Non-resident Indians (NRIs) who have personally faced these challenges. They studied the requirements of our elders thoroughly and then tried to provide all the services under a single roof. The service providers, too, have strived hard to provide a customized solution to their clients.

The market for elderly support products has also gained popularity. From a simple customized walking stick to a diaper to bed railing, wheelchair, or a bathroom accessory, all the needs have been addressed. These products can be ordered online for ease and convenience or can be directly purchased from the stores.

Banks and private insurance companies have come up with attractive healthcare schemes and policies for the elders. These sectors have gained recognition and the elders are ready to pay premiums and invest in the plans.

Our society is now aware of the existence of an eldercare market, which includes senior housing, services for elders, product stores, and healthcare policies.

Many of us have happily moved ahead to include this sector as a part of our daily life so that our elders are comfortable. Some of us are yet to adopt the support wholeheartedly, while few of us are still reluctant to take the first step.

AllForSRS looks forward to building a community to connect and share queries and feedback on matters of our beloved seniors. In today’s era where much information is available online, sharing experiences, suggestions, and opinions are extremely valuable for those who need, and those who are providing support.

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  • Virendra N Kashyap

    A very thoughtful gesture. May this turn into a stream of love, affection very soon. Loneliness is a major issue for the seniors if they have not kept themselves busy. Wish you all the best 👍

    • admin

      Thank you Mr. Virendra N Kashyap for your best wishes and encouragement. AllForSRS looks forward to your active participation and support

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