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By V. N. Kashyap

The most beautiful moments always seemed to accelerate and slip beyond one’s grasp, just when you want to hold onto them for as long as possible.” Author unknown.

Those were the days

We have all heard our elders talk about, “those were the days!”  Maybe some of us have also joined that brigade, and have started to converse about those days. This word is reminiscent of many things, the price of commodities, the behavior of children, and the love and respect for elders. Seniors of my generation would still say, “During those days there used to be smooth roads in our towns, people were honest and hardworking, and the train always ran on time.” But it’s no surprise. It’s the past.

My thoughts, “What good does it do to reflect on those days? Then, the times were different, the situations were different, the social set up of the families was different, and the value of money was different.” There is no comparison.

Do not assume your grown-up children to be at your beck and call. Do not make them feel guilty by saying, “We used to prepare our father’s hookah when he got back home after work, and today’s children are not even around to talk with us.”

I say, “One should change themselves, with time. Do not cling to the past. Live for today, and be grateful to God for what you have”. Those days, we lived in a joint family. Now, many of us today, stay as a nuclear family, and at old age, are living with an empty nest. Children, mostly by force of circumstances, are away. They need to excel in studies, make good career choices, start their own family, and take care of us, their parents. Let us express pride in their achievements.

Live your life now, here and spread the joy!

That is why a platform like AllForSRS becomes relevant. Let us utilize it to keep a positive frame of mind. Let us open up ourselves to one another, relive the good memories of our past and share our happy times.

Think of the quality time you spent with your parents and grandparents, and the cozy moments with your siblings. You may fondly remember the first medal you won for excellent work, or the trophies for the best sportsperson, or that moment of holding hands of someone while enacting Jack & Jill in the class. You may shyly recall your crush on your first school teacher. Only in such memories you can linger on and say… ‘those were the days’!

We should live in the ‘to-day’ and discover our passion, indulge in hobbies, and look forward to devoting quality time to our children and grandchildren. Let us adopt a cause and think of utilizing our experience to give back to society. Invest in good friends and spend quality time with them. Relax with them, share your skills, and enjoy each moment.  Let us also speak of tomorrow, the future. I have yet to meet anyone who has seen their tomorrow. So, why dwell on it.  Secure it, yes, but do not waste your time and energy worrying about it.

Best disposition will be, as stated by William Henry Davies in his poem Leisure: What is this life if, full of care!

At this stage, do not fill your today with care, live your today to the full…. not worrying about “those were the days”. Instead, live your life now, here and spread the joy!

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